Application of aluminum circle


Aluminum circles are widely used in processing and manufacturing of cooking utensils with tensile aluminum circle, lamps and lanterns tensile aluminum circle, traffic signage for aluminum circle, aluminum cans, and seal the top of tank of all kinds of required aluminum circle, aluminum circle industry.

Characteristics of aluminum circle performance:
1. The surface performance of aluminum circle is good, guaranteeing no obvious scratches, oil pollution, oxidation, black spot, etc.;
2, early on the coil grain size and good control of elongation, ensure the aluminum circle good deep drawing and spinning performance, effectively avoid the late processing may occur when the wiredrawing, falbala, ear rate higher adverse phenomenon;
3. Strictly control the testing of the alloy, state and performance of the coil, and guarantee the accuracy and diversity of the circle.
4. Detailed classification of aluminum circle, which can be used for different purposes and requirements of customers;
5. The product packaging is strong, which is in line with domestic sales and international export standards.