What are the properties of aluminum disc


What are the properties of aluminum disc
Undoubtedly, aluminum disc, aluminum alloy in the future will be more widely used, aluminum metal ranked second in the current global metal usage, second only to steel, has become the second largest metal people application.The reason why it is widely used is that aluminum has characteristics that other metals do not have.
The first is the light weight of aluminum and the ability to resist corrosion. These two points are the most notable features of aluminum disc.It has a small density and light weight, so it is widely used in aviation, automobile and ship transportation.In addition, high-point industries such as spaceships and artificial satellites also use a lot of aluminum, aluminum and aluminum alloys.
Second, it has excellent electrical conductivity.Although its conductive capability than gold, silver and copper to the conductivity of the weak, but because of its large reserve, and the density is small, only about a third of the copper, thus conveying the same amount of electricity, the quality of aluminum is only half of the copper.In addition the surface of the aluminum oxide film not only has the ability of corrosion resistance to a certain extent of insulation, so aluminum round piece of metal in electrical manufacturing industry, wire and cable, and radio industry has a very wide range of USES.
Finally, the malleability of aluminum:.aluminum disc and aluminum alloy in industry is often used as a forging, can cast all kinds of shapes with varieties of forgings, cohesion and you can use a variety of measures, including the use of fusion welding, resistance welding welding methods can also be used, such as binder and riveting and bolted the machinery to cohesion.Other aluminum hot agents are also used to smelt refractory metals and welded steel rails and can be used as deoxidizers in the process of making steel.