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2011 Round Aluminum Bar Rod

Last Updated: 2023-07-14

The 2011 alloy element is copper, is an easy-to-cut alloy containing trace amounts of lead and vanadium, has high strength and good cutting performance, but is less resistant to corrosion, commonly found in rodss, tubes, and wires. 2011 aluminum alloy is used in the manufacture of screws and machining prodsucts that require good cutting performance.

Prodsuct Specification    

Alloy: 2011 aluminum alloy, this alloy belongs to a hard alloy. Has excellent mechanical properties and machinability, commonly used in aviation components, transport equipment, equipment components, and other structural materials.

Temper:T3, T351,T4,T451,T6,T651,T6511,T7351

Diameter: 3mm--130mm

Length: 1000mm--6000mm

Features: Not good corrosion resistance, but high strength, excellent plasticity, widely used in structural materials.

Applications: To making screws, bolts, nuts, threaded barss.

Chemical Composition

ZnOther eachOther totalAl.

Prodsuct Advantages

1.Easy machining with any equipment.

2. Cutting stress lower than most of the other alloys.

3.Longer life of cutting tools.

4. Cutting areas always clean due to very thin chips.

5.High mechanical properties.

6.Possibility to anodize finished parts in several colors.

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