Aluminum fin stock

What is Aluminum Fin Stock?

Aluminum jumbo roll

Aluminum jumbo roll refer to large-sized aluminum foil roll. Signi Aluminum manufactures aluminum jumbo rolls with alloys including 1235, 3003, 3004, 8011, 8079, and 8021. The sizes and thicknesses can be customized.

8079 aluminum foil

8079 aluminum foil belongs to the 8000 series aluminum, with a thickness ranging from 10 to 200 microns, and is often used in flexible packaging aluminum foil and pharmaceutical aluminum foil.

8021 aluminum foil

8021 aluminum foil is mainly used in pharmaceutical packaging. According to the packaging purpose, it can be divided into cold forming blister foil, PTP blister foil, tropical blister foil, alu alu foil.

8011 aluminum foil

8011 aluminum foil is a product of 8xxx aluminum alloy, which is widely used in food containers, pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, cable foil, and milk cover materials.

8006 aluminum foil

8006 aluminum foil is a type of 8000 series hot-rolled aluminum foil. With superior gloss, moisture resistance, and corrosion resistance, 8006 foil is the perfect choice for your packaging needs.

3003 Aluminum Foil

3003 aluminum foil belongs to 3000 series aluminum, is Al-Mn series alloy, medium strength, mainly used in food packaging containers, insulation and heat exchangers in construction and automotive industries.

3004 Aluminum Foil

3004 aluminum foil is a kind of container foil, used to make aluminum foil containers, widely used in food packaging, beverage can production, etc.

1235 aluminum foil

1235 aluminum foil consists of 99.35% aluminum. It is the foil with the highest aluminum content and is commonly used to make the aluminum household foil, aluminum flexible packaging foil, and aluminum pharmaceutical foil.

Pharmaceutical foil

Pharmaceutical foil is used for the packaging of pharmaceutical products such as capsules, tablets, creams, liquids and powders. The alloys used are 1235 O, 1235 H, 8021 O, 8079 O.

Flexible Packaging Foil

Aluminum foil for flexible packaging is usually compounded with PET, PE, PA and PP, paper, etc. The commonly used alloys are 1235 O, 8079 O, and the thickness is between 6μm-50μm

Container aluminum foil

Container aluminum foil can be used to make containers. Aluminum foil containers are a versatile and sustainable packaging solution.

Aluminum household foil

Aluminum household foil is aluminum foil that is used by households to prepare, package, and store food, and is an essential kitchen item in most kitchens.

5042 H48 can end aluminum coil

5042 H48 aluminum coil is 5042 aluminum alloy tempered to H48 state, it is often used to make aluminum can end.

5182 H48 aluminum coil for can end

5182 H48 aluminum coil is 5182 aluminum alloy tempered to H48 state aluminum can end material, it is used to make can beverage, beer and food packaging lid

5052 H48 aluminum coil for can end

Signi Aluminum is a supplier of 5052 H48 aluminum coil for can end, which is strong, easy to form, and corrosion resistant.

3104 H48 aluminum coil for can end

3104 H48 aluminum coil is commonly used in the production of aluminum can end, such as beverage cans, beer cans and other products can lids.

3104 H19 aluminum coil for can body

3104 H19 aluminum is a type of aluminum product made from 3104 aluminum alloy tempered to the H19 state, which is often used as aluminum can body material for beverage cans, beer cans and cans.

6063 aluminum plate

High quality 6063 aluminum plate manufacture,Factory and Suppliers in China

5182 aluminum sheet

5182 aluminum alloy can be used as can lid material. Signialu is a manufacturer and stockist of 5182 aluminum sheet / coil in China with reasonable price and best quality.