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2024 Aluminum Extruded Bar T3 T4 T351

Last Updated: 2023-03-05

Prodsuct Introdsuction

2024 T351 aluminium bars is a typical hard aluminium alloy in the aluminium-copper-magnesium system, which is the largest amount of hard aluminium.

The hardness of 2024-T351 is HB120~145

Spot Specification of [Aluminum Bar] 1.0mm *2500-400mm *2500mm

Spot Specification: 10-200 Squares

Conductivity 20 C 30, resistivity 20 C n.m:48, elastic modulus 68, elongation% 12, fatigue strength 105

Chemical Composition

No.            Chemical constituents (mass fraction)%

(New)              Si      Fe       Cu        Mn           Mg         Cr     Ni        AL

2024 t351      0.5     0.5      3.8-4.9 0.30-0.9 1.2-1.8       /      0.1      margin

Prodsuct advantages

It has high strength, good cutting performance, high strength, heat resistance, good spot welding and remarkable heat treatment strengthening effect, but its corrosion resistance is poor, and cracks are easy to occur during gas welding. Anodic oxidation and coating or surface coating of aluminium are used to improve its corrosion resistance.

Usually used for aircraft skeleton components, rivets, wing beams, truck hub, propeller components, partition frames and other structural parts, as well as working parts within 150 C.

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