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Last Updated: 2023-03-11

The 2024 aluminum flat bars is a widely used alloy for numerous applications. Due to its excellent ability to be machined into nearly any shape and size, strength to weight ratio, and overall resistance to fatigue, this alloy can be used in applications ranging from consumer goods to aerospace parts. 2024 aluminum is a highly machinable alloy, and can be polished to an A2 finish.

2024 aluminum can be heat treated if it is in the annealed form, and it offers a solid resistance against stress corrosion cracks. 2024 aluminum has good corrosion resistance, but coatings can be applied to improve the corrosion resistance of the aluminum.

The average tensile strength of the aluminum flat bars 2024 is 68,000 PSI, while the average shear strength is 42,000 PSI. This makes it ideal for creating components such as couplings, orthopedic and veterinary equipment, fuse parts, pistons, shafts and gears, hardware such as nuts and bolts, clock workings, truck wheels, and numerous computer components. The 2024 aluminum flat bars is ideal for aerospace applications, such as creating the structure of the fuselage, ribs, and wing tension members. This prodsuct allows the aircraft to be strong and stiff, yet lightweight and resistant to fatigue.

Welding, soldering, and brazing are not recommended for this type of aluminum due to the fact that what little resistance to corrosion the aluminum has, will be dissipated by the heat. If welding must occur on the 2024 aluminum flat bars, then one should only consider spot welding to keep the corrosion resistance intact.

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