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5052 H112 Aluminum Plate

Last Updated: 2023-08-25

Prodsuct Introdsuction

The 5052 aluminum sheet is an al-mg alloy aluminum sheet. 

1. Magnesium is the main alloy element in the 5052 alloy aluminum sheet, and it is the most widely used kind of anti-rust aluminum.3. Can't heat treatment to strengthen, in a cold work hardening plasticity is good, when the cold work hardening plasticity is low, 4. Good corrosion resistance, good weldability, It can be machined and polished.

Aluminum - magnesium alloys also contain small amounts of manganese, chromium, beryllium, titanium, etc. Except for a small amount of solid solution, most of the manganese in the alloy forms MnAl6.The effect of chromium in 5052 aluminum sheet is similar to that of manganese, which can improve the resistance to stress corrosion cracking, improve the strength of base metal and welding seam, and reduce the tendency of welding crack, but its content generally does not exceed 0.35%.

Prodsuct Parameter 

Chemical Composition
≤ 0.25≤ 0.40≤ 0.10≤ 0.10≤ 2.2-2.8≤ 0.15-0.35≤ 0.10≤ 0.15Balance

Mechanical Property
Material GradeTemperThickness(mm)Tensile StrengthYield Strength
5052O, H1110.20-6170-215Mpa≥65Mpa
5052O, H1116-80165-215Mpa≥65Mpa

Prodsuct Application

1. This alloy is the most promising alloy, especially in the construction industry. Good corrosion resistance, good welding, good cold workability, and moderate strength.

2.5052 the main alloy elements of the magnesium, has good forming performance, corrosion resistance, weldability, and medium strength, used to make airplane oil tank, oil tube, as well as the transportation vehicles, ships, sheet metal parts, instrument, lamps stent and rivet, metal prodsucts, electrical and another road.

3. Mainly used for high plasticity and good weldability, working in a liquid or gas medium-low load parts, such as tank, gas or oil duct, Various liquid containers, and other small load parts made by deep drawing: wires for rivets.

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