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5086 Aluminum Bar

Last Updated: 2023-10-06

Prodsuct Introdsuction

5086 aluminium sheet belongs to 5000 series alloy and is one of the key prodsucts of 5000 series aluminium sheet. 5086 aluminium sheet has higher strength than 5052 and 5083 sheets. 5086 aluminium sheet is particularly resistant to saltwater corrosion. Because 5086 aluminium is not heat-treated, 5086 sheet is easy to form, stamp and weld. The main alloying elements of 5086 aluminium alloy are magnesium and silicon. The prodsucts have high corrosion resistance, good weld-ability and medium strength. 5086 aluminium can be used in the manufacture of sheet metal, metallurgy, and electrical enclosures for transportation vehicles and ships.

Prodsuct Specifications

OD:3MM to 500MM    

Width: 12mm to 500mm, Custom Width Can be Cut from Plates    

Length: Custom Lengths Available    

Cut to Size Flat Bars, Round Bars, Blocks Available On Request    

Finish: Mill Finish, Polished, Close Tolerance Polished Rods and Bars, Anodized    

Chemical Composition


Mechanical Properties

GradeTemperDiameter/mmTensile Strength  Rm/MPaYield Strength  Rp0.2/MPaElongation/%

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