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5754 Aluminum Bar

Last Updated: 2023-06-16

Prodsuct Introdsuction

5754 round aluminum bars rods is with high mechanical resistance, very easy to weld using conventional methods with an excellent capacity to receive protection anodizing treatments and hard.

Its corrosion-proofing is good, comparable to that of pure aluminum as a whole and even better in a marine environment which is why it is highly suitable to shipbuilding as well as fridges, fish trays, protons floats, etc.

It is also used in boiler-making, recipients for petrol, chemical industry, tanks for transport, the automobile industry, railway, and underground wagons, buses, etc.

Prodsuct Specifications

-Alloy: 5754

By adding the main element Mg, has excellent processability, weldability, and corrosion resistance, commonly used in decorative materials, appliance materials, can lid materials and a variety of structural materials

-Temper:O F H12 H14 H22 H24 H32 H34 H38 H111 H112

-Diameter: 3mm--130mm

-Length: 1000mm--6000mm

-Features: Strength is higher than 1100 series by 10%, has excellent formability, weldability, and corrosion resistance of the alloy.

-Applications: Shipbuilding, fish trays, proton floats, etc, boiler making, chemical industry, tanks for automobiles.

Prodsuct advantages

Widely used in aviation, construction, automotive--these three major areas, high precision, small coarse crystal, uniform oxidation, good straightness, high turning performance, small grain size and moderate price, short delivery.

1.Accuracy: /-0.02mm

Purpose: to guarantee the automatic processing of high precision machining parts.

2.Straightness <0.3m/2.5m

Purpose: Guarantee the speed requirements>8000 rpm, no material jittery.

3.Coarse crystal ring<0.5mm

Purpose: To reduce the amount of turning by the customer, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

4.Grain control

Purpose: To ensure that the 2,5,6,7 series aluminum alloy in the hard anodizing, anodizing uniform, color bright, and beautiful.

5.Turning performance improvement

To improve the processing of uniform chips, improve the processing of yards yield.

Prodsuct Parameter

5754 Aluminum alloy Chemical Composition
0.20.10~0.6Mn Cr0.150.050.15Remainder

5754 Aluminum alloy Mechanical Properties
GradeTemperDiameter/mmTensile Strength  Rm/MPaYield Strength  Rp0.2/MPaElongation/%

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