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6061 Aluminum Rectangle Bar

Last Updated: 2023-09-27

Prodsuct Information

Aluminum 6061 flat bars is generally manufactured through the process of extrusion. In extrusion, aluminum 6061 flat bars is prodsuced by pushing the material through a pressurized die. As the aluminum is pushed through the pressure filled die, it is processed into a rectangular bars shape that can then be used for a wide range of 6061 aluminum applications.

6061 Aluminum Flat Bar Advantages

6061 aluminum flat bars is an alloy that is manufactured with silicon and magnesium, which provides for easy machining, weldability and hot and cold forming. 6061 aluminum flat bars is one of the most widely used heat treatable aluminum alloys in existence. It is commonly used to manufacture marine and truck components, railroad cars, tubelines, and furniture. Some of the added benefits of utilizing 6061 aluminum, include:Excellent corrosion resistance;Good workability;Increased durability;Lightweight;Excellent strength to weight ratio;Good conduction;

6061 Aluminum Flat Bar Applications

Aluminum rectangular bars 6061 is an alloy blend that provides a a stronger, durable and more flexible metal, that is suitable for multiple applications. 6061 flat bars is a distinct aluminum alloy and once combined with its alloyed elements it cannot be separated by physical means. Some of the industries that regularly utilize 6061 aluminum rectangular bars, include:Transportation;Construction;Electrical;Consumer Goods;Medical assembly.

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