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6061-T652 Aluminum Forging Bar

Last Updated: 2023-07-19

6061 is a precipitation-hardened aluminum alloy, containing magnesium and silicon as its major alloying elements. Originally called "Alloy 61S", it was developed in 1935.It has good mechanical properties, exhibits good weldability, and is very commonly extruded (second in popularity only to 6063).It is one of the most common alloys of aluminum for general-purpose use.

It is commonly available in pre-tempered grades such as 6061-O (annealed), tempered grades such as 6061-T6 (solutionized and artificially aged) and 6061-T651 (solutionized, stress-relieved stretched and artificially aged).

6061-T652 aluminum is 6061 aluminum in the T652 temper. To achieve this temper, the metal is solution heat-treated, stress relieved, then artificially aged. The stress relief is accomplished by compressing the metal by 1-5%.

Prodsuct Information:

Prodsuct Name:6061-T652 Aluminum Forging Bar


Material:Aluminum 6061

Chemical composition:



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