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7A04-H112 Auminum Bar

Last Updated: 2023-10-19

Prodsuct Introdsuction

The yield strength to tensile strength, low ductility, sensitivity to stress concentration effects, especially the repeated static load under vibration load and the situation is more obvious, therefore need to strictly avoid stress concentration factor and the formation of additional stress in parts of the design, manufacture, and assembly process. The short transverse stress corrosion resistance of the thick and large parts of the alloy is poor. 

The main stress parts of 7A04 alloy aluminum alloy sheet sheet profile forgings is widely used in aircraft structures, such as beams and stringers, bulkheads, ribs, skin, joints, undercarriage parts etc.. It can prodsuce all kinds of semi-finished prodsucts, such as sheet, strip, section, bars, wall, tube, wires, free forgings and die forgings.

Chemical Composition

Chemical composition of 7A04 alloy

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