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Aluminum Alloy 7475

Last Updated: 2023-07-07

Aluminum 7475 offers strength and fracture toughness while resisting fatigue crack propagation. It’s an ideal aircraft alloy appropriate for fuselage skins, bulkheads, and wing parts for commercial, fighter, and transport airplanes.

This alloy is typically available in flat-rolled prodsucts, and it is widely used for applications that require high strength, including airframe and other aerospace assemblies. 7050 Aluminum alloys have high electrical conductivity and strong corrosion-resistance characteristics and are generally good at low-temperatures. They gain strength when exposed to subzero temperatures and lose strength when exposed to high temperatures.

Chemical Composition


Physical Properties

Density2.81 g/cc0.102 lb/in3
Melting Point477 – 635.0 °C890 – 1175 °F

Mechanical Properties

Hardness, BrinellUltimate Tensile StrengthTensile Yield StrengthElongation at Break
14051.6524 MPa11%

Application• Fuselage frames
• Bulkheads
• Wing skins

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