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Aluminum Bar Stock Aluminium Alloy

Last Updated: 2023-03-14


1.Prodsuct description of aluminium bars stock

Itemaluminum bars stock
stock material grade
2024 2014 2A14 7075 6061
2000 series applicationWith copper as the main alloying element, it is widely used in aircraft structures, rivets, truck hubs, propeller components, and many other structures
6000 series applicationMagnesium and silicon as main alloying elements, medium strength, good corrosion resistance, good weldability, good process performance (easy extrusion forming) oxidation coloring performance, mainly used in vehicles (such as automobile luggage rack, door, window, body, fins, box shell)
7000 series application

With zinc as the main alloying elements, Aerospace series Aluminum Alloy, on behalf of use of aerospace, mold processing, mechanical equipment, fixture, especially for the prodsuction of aircraft structure and other requirements of high strength and corrosion resistance of the high stress structure

2.Prodsuct details of aluminum bars

           aluminum square bars

aluminum alloy rodss

         aluminum alloy barss

aluminum hexagonal barss

aluminum bars custom made

3.Prodsuct qualification of aluminum bars


aluminum bars

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