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2024 Aluminum Hex Bar

Last Updated: 2023-10-01

2024 aluminum hex bars


Prodsuct description:

The 2024 aluminum hex bars has an unpolished (mill) surface and a standard tolerance. The heat-treatable 2024 aluminum alloy is stronger than 2017 aluminum and provides good machinability and fatigue resistance. 

Aluminum alloy with copper as the main trace element.High strength hard aluminum, can be strengthened by heat treatment, the strength is only second to 7 series.Generally used in structural materials, but also for forging.Used for structural parts of aircraft, structure parts of building and transportation tools, mould, mechanical parts requiring high strength, cabinet shell,etc.

Prodsuct features:

2024 aluminum is stronger than 2017 aluminum and has good machinability and fatigue resistance

Prodsuct application:

1.Lighting,solar reflector sheet.

2.Architectural appearance, interior decoration, ceiling, metope,

furniture,cabinets and so on.

3.Elevator,namesheet, bags.

4.Automotive interior and exterior decoration.

5. Interior decoration: such as photo frame.etc

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