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1100 Aluminum Sheet/sheet

Last Updated: 2023-02-06

Technical Parameter

Typical alloy: 1100 aluminum sheet    

Material temper: F, O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, H111, H112    

Thickness (mm):0.1-500    

Typical prodsuct: Large storage tanks, Bus doors, Cooking utensils, Welding assemblies, Heat exchangers, etc.

Prodsuct introdsuction

1100 aluminum sheet is one of the representatives of 1 series pure aluminum sheet, which is used for industry. It is not difficult for us to find the last two Arabic digits 00 in grade 1100. In fact, this represents more than 99.00% aluminum in1100 aluminum sheet on an international scale. The aluminum content of 99.00% makes the1100 aluminum sheet retain the advantages of the aluminum itself to the greatest extent. For example, it has excellent ductility of pure aluminum, high corrosion resistance, excellent conductivity, and thermal conductivity. At the same time, with the addition of a small part of the alloy component Cu, the processability and surface processing of 1100 aluminum sheet and other alloy characteristics are enhanced, which can be better used for large storage tanks, food and chemical handling and storage equipment, sheet metal prodsucts, welding assemblies, reflectors, namesheets and so on.

Chemical Composition

11000.95 Si Fe0.05~0.20.05
MgZnOther eachOther totalAl.

Prodsuct Applications and Features

1. Excellent corrosion resistance. 1100 aluminum sheet has good resistance to atmospheric (including industrial atmospheric and Marine vapor) corrosion and water corrosion. In addition, it can resist the corrosion of most acids and organics.

2..Good ductility and molding.1100 aluminum sheets can prodsuce various aluminum materials through pressure processing, which can adapt to the larger speed of most machine tools for turning, milling, boring, planing, and other mechanical processing. Moreover, the good molding of1100 aluminum sheet enables it to be rolled into sheet and foil, or pulled into tubes and wiress, etc. 

3.No low-temperature brittleness.1100 aluminum sheetbelow0℃, as the temperature decreases, its strength and molding will not reduce but increase. 

4. The1100 aluminum sheet strength is low, it cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, and the cutting property is poor.

Prodsuct Usages

1100 aluminum sheet is the industrial pure aluminum, which is usually used for parts requiring good forming and machining performance, high corrosion resistance, and no high strength.

1.1100 aluminum sheet can be used for large storage tanks, food industrial installations, deep blanking, bottle caps, wide curtain walls, bus interior, bus doors/engine boards, decoration, heat exchangers, aluminum for transformers, heat sink, hardware, etc. 

2.1100 aluminum sheet/foil/coil material is widely used for aluminum plastic board, electronic foil, battery foil, etc.

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