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5086 Aluminum Round Bar

Last Updated: 2023-09-21

Prodsuct Introdsuction

Aluminium Alloy 5086 Round Bar is an alloy that is primarily alloyed along with magnesium. The alloy is not strengthened with heat treatment. It even becomes stronger because of the cold mechanical working and strain hardening of the material. But 5086 aluminum round barss offer excellent features and performance at high and extreme temperatures. The round barss can easily be welded and is a structural extrusion which combines the high strength and high corrosion resistance features. It even has excellent finishing properties.

Chemical Composition

CrFeCuOther eachOther totalAl.

Mechanical Properties


Application Industries

Application IndustriesAluminum 5086 Rods Processing
Truck And Marine ComponentsHeat Resistance
Railroad CarsFabrication
Petrochemical IndustryCold Working
Milk churnsHot Working
EngineeringHeat Treatment
General Structural PurposesMachining
Offshore and Onshore ServicesWelding

5086 is the preferred hull material for small aluminum boats or larger yachts. Its high strength and good corrosion resistance make it an excellent match for yachting.

5086 has a tendency to undergo stress corrosion cracking and is not used much in aircraft construction as a result.

5086 has been used in vehicle armor, notably in the M113 Armored Personnel Carrier and M2 Bradley Infantry fighting vehicle.

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