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7068 Aluminum Alloy Round Rod / Bar

Last Updated: 2023-06-15

7068 aluminum alloy round rods / bars

1.Prodsuct Introdsuction of the 7068 aluminum alloy round rods / bars

Aluminum Bar is availble in various alloys offering a range of weldability, corrosion resistance and machinability. High strength Aluminum Round Rod can be used in aerospace applications, and high corrosion resistance aluminum alloy round rodss are commonly used in marine applications. Aluminum Round Rod may be cold finished or extruded. 

      7068 alloy provides the highest mechanical strength of all aluminium alloys and matching that of certain steels.

2. Prodsuct Parameter (specification) of 7068 aluminum alloy round rods / bars

Chemical Composition (weight %)   




3.Prodsuct feature of the 7068 aluminum alloy round rods / bars

In common with other 7000 series aluminium alloys, 7068 alloy can only be welded with great care. This form of joining is not usually employed. If welding is contemsheetd please consult our Technical Sales Dept.

7068 alloy responds well to all the different standard anodising techniques. It is generally similar in behaviour to 7075 but in hard anodising 7068 alloy tends to form a more abrasion resistant surface.

The machinability of 7068 alloy is good and is similar to that of 7075.

4.Prodsuct application of the 7068 aluminum alloy round rods / bars

Primarily developed for ordnance applications, alloy 7068 is now being used or considered for markets like the aerospace and automotive industries (valve body and connecting rods applications), medical devices, such as prosthetic limbs, as well as recreational prodsucts like bicycles and mountain-climbing equipment.

5.Prodsuction details of the 7068 aluminum alloy round rods / bars

6.Company Information

Signi Aluminium Co., LTD.is located in Kunshan city,Jiangsu,China.Just less than 19 minutes of journey from Shanghai.  We specialize in high quality aluminum prodsucts,,including aluminum tube,bars,sheet/sheet,handlebars,and spare parts. ISO9001 and TS16949 quality system certification. Strict regulation process, improve training system and quality assurance system to guarantee process execution.

7.Deliver,shipping and serving

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