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ASTM 7075 7A02 Aluminum Bar

Last Updated: 2023-02-26

Prodsuct Introdsuction

7075 Aluminum bars  is al-zn-mg-cu alloy,  T651 refer to  the alloy state that have been after heat treatment and drawing process, T651 alloy has googd tensile strength and yield strength. At the same time 7075 alloy has good mechanical properties and performance of anodic oxidation. The United States ASTM standard degree of evaluation of mechanical properties of 7075 alloy class B of trade unions, because can prodsuce curled up or brittle chip, and excellent surface treatment.

Chemical Composition

Features and Application

It is used in aviation fixtures,trucks,tower buildings,ships,tubelines and other applications requiring strong construction.Such as:aircraft parts,gears and shafts,fuse parts,instrument shafts and gears, missile parts into valve parts, turbines, keys, aircraft, aviation, and defense applications.

It is wildly used in Aviation fixtures, trucks, tower buildings, ships, tubelines, and other applications requiring strong construction. Such as aircraft parts, gears, and shafts, fuse parts, instrument shafts and gears, turbines, keys, aircraft, aviation applications.

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