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4032 Aluminum Alloy Forged Pistons

Last Updated: 2023-04-08

Prodsucts Description

4032 forged pistons are a high silicon-based material. This means that they expand much less than 2618 pistons. The tendency to expand less means that the piston can have a tighter piston to bore clearance. The tighter clearances create a quitter overall operation of the motor. 4032 is a very stable allow that resists distortions such as ring integrity. The alloy’s strength and stability also lend its self to a longer life cycle capability. However, due to its less ductile nature, we do not recommend using this type of piston if you’re planning to build your HEMI stroker motor for a boosted application. If you’re looking to build a naturally aspirated HEMI stroker engine and don’t plan on abusing the motor every weekend you should consider a 4032 piston for you build.

Prodsuct Parameter

Chemical Composition(GB/T 3190-2008)

Prodsuct Application

4032 aluminium is a wrought aluminium alloy prodsuct that offers superior service in both low and high-temperature service. Motorsport applications for 4032 include racing pistons, engine components and chassis components.

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