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Manufacturers Of Aluminium Forging Flanges 5083

Last Updated: 2023-12-01

Manufacturers of Aluminium Forging Flanges 5083


We make Aluminium Forging Flanges 5083 according to the customer's 

drawings and requirements, and we can provide rough forging, roughing or 

cutting of the rings. We can also provide heating and processing services.

We have very flexible ring prodsucts, small batch is also available for us.

Manufacturing ways: 

Forged or rolled, rough turned, heat treated, CNC turned, milled, drilled, threaded, grinded, etc.


According to customers' demands, we are available of aluminium, AW6082, 6061, 5083,7075, 5086, 5052 at best prices

  • Capacity Dimensional    
  • Heat treatment: 

  • Annealing, Normalizing, Quenching Tempering(Q T), Hardening, etc.

  • Ring sizes: 

  • From 20mm to 4000mm.

  • Weight:

  • From 1kg/pc to 10,000kg/pc.

  • Forging method         
  • Tolerance: .003” (For both)

  • Lbs. per forging:

    • Up to 75 lbs (Closed Die)

    • Up to 5,000 lbs (Open Die)

  • Volume Capacity: 100 to 100,000

  • Industry Focus and Intended Applications          

  • The high strength-to-weight ratio and structural reliability can favorably influence aircraft performance, range and payload capabilities. Forgings made of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and special alloys are widely used in commercial jet aircraft, helicopters, piston engine aircraft, military aircraft and spacecraft. Some examples of the versatility of forgings that make them ideal components include bulkheads, wing roots and spars, hinges, engine brackets, brackets, beams, axles, landing gear cylinders and struts, wheels, brake brackets and Brake disc and grapple. In jet turbine engines, iron-based, nickel-based and cobalt-based superalloys are forged into components such as discs, blades, buckets, couplings, manifolds, rings, chambers, and shafts.

aluminum forgings


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