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Aluminum forging Parts for Car

Last Updated: 2023-05-31

  • Aluminum forging parts for car

  • Prodsuct introdsuction of aluminum forging

  • According to the forging temperature, can be divided into hot forging, temperature forging and cold forging.

  • According to forming mechanism, forging can be divided into free forging, die forging, grinding ring and special forging.

  • 1. Free forging.

  • Refers to using simple tools, commonality, or between the upper and lower anvil forging equipment iron directly exert force on billet, billet deformation and to obtain the required geometric shapes and processing methods of the internal quality of forgings.

  • The forgings prodsuced by the free forging are called free forgings.

  • Free forging is based on the prodsuction of large quantity of small forgings, using forging equipment such as forging hammer, hydraulic press and other forging equipment for forming and processing of billet, and obtaining qualified forgings.

  • The basic process of free forging includes upsetting, drawing, punching, cutting, bending, twisting, wrong moving and forging.

  • Free forging is all about hot forging.

  • Die forging.

  • Die forging is divided into open die forging and closed die forging.

  • The metal billet is used for forging forging in a forging mould with a certain shape. The die forging is generally used to prodsuce small parts that are small in weight and large in bulk.

  • Die forging can be divided into hot die forging, temperature forging and cold forging.

  • Temperature forging and cold forging are the future development direction of die forging, which also represents the level of forging technology.

  • According to the material, die forging can be divided into black metal die forging, non-ferrous metal die forging and powder prodsuct forming.

  • As the name implies, the material is the ferrous metals such as carbon steel and the non-ferrous metal and powder metallurgy materials such as copper and aluminum.

  • Extrusion should be classified into die forging, which can be divided into heavy metal extrusion and light metal extrusion.

  • Closed die forging and closed upsetting are two advanced processes of die forging, because without the flying edge, the material utilization is high.

  • Complex forgings may be processed with one or more processes.

  • Because there is no flying side, the force area of the forgings decreases, and the load is reduced.

  • However, it should be noted that the blank should not be restricted completely. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the volume of the blank, control the relative position of the forging die and measure the forging, and try to reduce the wear and tear of the forging die.

  • 3. Ring.

  • The grinding ring means that the ring parts of different diameters are prodsuced by the special equipment, and also used to prodsuce wheel parts such as wheel hub and train wheel.

  • Special forging.

  • Special forging includes forging such as roll forging, wedge rolling, radial forging and liquid forging, which are more suitable for the prodsuction of certain special shape parts.

  • For example, roll forging can be used as an effective preforming process to significantly reduce the subsequent forming pressure.

  • Wedge rolling can prodsuce steel ball, transmission shaft and other parts;

  • Radial forging can prodsuce large gun barsrel, step shaft and other forgings.

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aluminum forging parts for car

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