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Aluminum forgings for Grinding Ring rolling

Last Updated: 2023-10-25

Aluminum forgings for Grinding Ring rolling

1.Prodsuct details

aluminum flange

aluminum casting tube flange

aluminum custom made flange

2. Prodsuct application

Aluminum forgings for Grinding Ring rolling, wheel hub, train wheel

3.What is aluminum grinding ring?

Ring rolling (also called ring rolling, rolling, reaming, ring rolling ring) is with the aid of ring rolling machine (also known as rolling ring machine, ring rolling mill, reaming machine) make the ring prodsuces continuous local plastic deformation, thus realize the wall thickness decreases, diameter expansion, cross section contour shape of the plastic processing technology.

The stress strain and deformation of the rolling hole are the same as that of the core axis.

Its characteristic is: the tool is rotate, deformation is continuous, namely annular billet is rolled.

The surface deformation is characterized by the small amount of pressure when the rolling hole is rolled out.

Ring rolling is successive partial plastic forming technology and rolling technology and the cross and combination of mechanical manufacturing technology, the traditional free forging process, die forging technology, such as flame cutting process, compared with significant technical and economic characteristics:

(1) the ring precision is high, the machining margin is small, and the material utilization is high.

The geometric precision of the ring of hot rolling is quite similar to that of die forging, and the blanks are small and the material is not consumed.

Compared with the free forging process of the ring parts, the precision of the ring ring is greatly improved, the machining allowance is greatly reduced, and the surface of the ring surface does not have the multi-prism of free forging and the expansion of the mastoid.


(2) good performance of ring components.

Ring rolling pieces of internal organization density, grain fine, fiber along the circumferential direction is arranged, streamline distribution is reasonable, its mechanical strength, wear resistance and fatigue life is significantly higher than other ring forging and machining prodsuction.


(3) small tonnage, small investment and large processing scope.

Ring ring is formed by the accumulation of local deformation.

Compared with the overall die forging, the rolling deformation force greatly decreases, so the equipment tonnage is greatly reduced, and the equipment investment is greatly reduced.

The ring part of the general ring ring equipment is large in size, the maximum diameter of the ring is 3-6 times that of the minimum diameter, and the maximum quality and the minimum quality are tens of times.

(4) high prodsuction efficiency.

The rolling speed of the ring equipment is usually 1 -- 2mm/s, and the ring cycle is usually about 10s.

The minimum cycle has reached 3.6 s, the maximum prodsuctivity has reached 1000 pieces/h, which is much higher than the free forging of the ring parts, and also higher than the die forging prodsuctivity.


(5) low prodsuction cost.

The rolling ring has high material utilization rate, low processing hours, low energy consumption, long life of rolling holes and so on. Therefore, the prodsuction cost is low.


(6) good working conditions.

Ring rolling is similar to static rolling, which has no impact, vibration, low noise, easy operation, high degree of mechanization and automation, and the labor intensity of workers is greatly reduced.


Ring rolling process is suitable for the prodsuction of various shapes and sizes, various materials of bad shape parts or blank.

It has been widely used in many industries, such as machinery, automobile, train, ship, petrochemical, aerospace and energy power.

Of the rolled ring Φ 20-10000 mm in diameter, height of 10-4000 mm, the minimum wall thickness of 2-48 mm, quality of ring is 0.1-82000 kg.

The material of the ring is usually carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, titanium alloy, cobalt alloy, nickel alloy etc.

Common ring prodsucts include bearing ring, gear ring, flange ring, train wheel and wheel hoop, gas turbine ring, collector ring, high voltage switch, wind tower body, etc.

The largest ring rolling diameter is 10000 mm and 4000 mm Φ nuclear reactor vessel ring.

Ring rolling technology has now become the ring of mechanical parts prodsuction efficiency, one of the main process method and advanced, and toward a precision cold ring rolling technology, a large complex system of ring rolling technology, flexible system of ring rolling technology rapid development direction.

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