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Forged Aluminum Allouy Motorcycle Parts

Last Updated: 2023-01-26

Aluminum is one of the most widely distributed and abundant metal elements in the earth's crust. The entire history of the aluminum industry is only two hundred years old. However, due to the excellent properties of aluminum and aluminum alloy, its development speed is very fast, has been widely used in transportation, packaging containers, architectural decoration, aerospace, mechanical and electrical industries, and has become an important basic material.

Almost all steel parts on motorcycles can be replaced by aluminum alloy materials under the continuous efforts of the related professional and technical personnel in motorcycle industry. In recent years, with the increasing demands of international environmental protection and national and regional government energy conservation regulations, motorcycles are moving toward a tendency of “green motorcycle” that is lightweight, high-speed, safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly. Undoubtedly, it will promote the application of aluminum alloy materials on motorcycles. Forged aluminum alloy is particularly important in its material application.

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