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Forged Aluminum Parts For Aerospace

Last Updated: 2023-02-26

Forged Aluminum Parts For Aerospace

PRODUCT FACILITIES                                                                                  

Facility specification

Main parameters of 500MN die forging press

Clearance of 4000 mm

Activity beam travel 2000mm

Table size 4000 x 7000mm

Suppression speed range 0.05 to 50mm/s

The speed of suppression is 5% or minus 5%

The 500MN die forging hydraulic press is the largest and most advanced die forging hydraulic press in China.

FORGINGS RANGES                                                                                    

Due to its lower quench sensitivity and strength retention in thicker sections, it is particularly suitable for thicker sheet applications (3" to 6" thick). Therefore, 7050 aluminum alloy should be the first choice for aerospace aluminum, suitable for fuselage frame, bulkhead and wing shell applications.

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