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Seamless Aluminum Ring Forging

Last Updated: 2023-11-14

What is Seamless Rolled Ring Forging

Seamless forged rings are created through a process called ring rolling, which uses a machine called a rolling mill. The rolling mill can generate rings of a range of diameters and weights.

The process starts with a circular metal piece that is pierced to form a doughnut-shaped component. After this ring is formed, it’s heated to recrystallization temperature. From there it’s placed on an idler roll and moves towards a drive roll. This step causes the ring to rotate and increases their diameter and the wall thickness of the rolling rings.

Prodsuct Information

Type:Seamless Aluminum Rolled Ring Forging

Specification:Outer diameter of quenching parts ≤ 2500mm, 

                      Outer diameter of non-quenching parts ≤ 4000mm, 

                      Height ≤ 500mm

Material:2219, 2618, 2B50, 2A50, 2A70, 2A80, 2D70, 2A14, 2014, 2A11, 

              2A12, 2024, 3A21, 4032, 5A90, 5210, 5A02, 5A03, 5083, 5A05, 

              5A06, 6A02, 6061, 6A02, 7A04, 7B04, 7A09, 7075, 7050, 7A19, 7A10

Standrad:GBn 223,YS/T 479,ASTM B247 AMS Standards

Available Temper: O,F,H112,T3,T4,T5,T6,T62,T652,T73,T74,T7452,T852 etc.

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