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2A12 T4 Aluminum Sheet Plate

Last Updated: 2023-10-10

Prodsuct introdsuction

2A12 Aluminum(Al-Cu-Mg ) is the hard alloy, its composition is more reasonable and owns better overall performance. It is the largest amount of hard aluminum. The alloy is characterized by High strength, a certain degree of heat resistance can be used as 150 ° C below the working parts. Temperatures above 125 ° C, 2024 alloy strength is higher than the 7075's. Thermal state, annealing, and quenching conditions are better formability, heat treatment significantly enhanced the effect, but the heat treatment process is demanding.

Prodsuct parameter

Chemical Composition
0.30.50 Fe Ni0.150.050.1Remainder

Mechanical Properties
GradeTemperThickness/mmTensile Strength Rm/MPaYield Strength Rp0.2/MPaElongation/%

Prodsuct Applications

Widely used as space fixtures, electrical fixtures, communications, automation machinery parts, precision processing, mold manufacturing, electronics and precision instrument, SMT, PC board solder vehicles, and so on.

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