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5083 Aluminum Sheet

Last Updated: 2023-09-06

Prodsuct introdsuction    

5083 aluminum sheet belongs to the Al-Mg series alloy. It is the highest strength corrosion-resistant alloy among practical non-heat-treated alloys. And It is suitable for welding structures. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the 5083 aluminum sheet has good resistance to seawater and low-temperature characteristics. Therefore, 5083 aluminum sheet has become the most suitable choice for marine-grade aluminum.    

Chemical Composition    

CrZnTiOther eachOther totalAl.

Mechanical Properties    

GradeTemperThickness/mmTensile Strength  Rm/MPaYield Strength  Rp0.2/MPaElongation/%
5083O H111>0.2~0.5≥275~350≥125≥11
H22   H32>0.2~0.5≥305~380≥215≥5
H24  H34>0.2~0.5≥340~400≥250≥4
H26   H36>0.2~0.5≥360~420≥280≥2
H116  H321>1.5~3.0≥305≥215≥8

Applications and Features    

1. Excellent Corrosion Resistance.5083 aluminum sheet can effectively resist the corrosion from the atmosphere (including marine steam and industrial atmosphere), freshwater, seawater, neutral inorganic salt solution, most acids, and organic matter.

2. Good Weldability. No matter what kind of welding method, such as gas welding, arc welding, contact spot welding, and wires welding, etc.,5083 aluminum sheet can show good weldability.

3. The 5083 aluminum sheet has good formability and high fatigue strength. However,5083 aluminum sheets can not be strengthened by heat treatment, and its plasticity is good when it is semi-cold-work hardened, its plasticity is low when it is cold-work hardened, and its machinability is general and other characteristics.    

Prodsuct Usages    

1. 5083 Marine Grade Aluminum. The commonly used temper of5083 aluminum sheet is H116/ H321/ H112, with a thickness of 3-200mm and a width of 1500-2600mm. It is widely used for ship engine bases, ship decks, ship sides, bottom outer sheets, etc., covering the hulls of yachts and cruise ships, etc. 

2. 5083 Aluminum Sheet for Vehicles. Aluminum alloy tanker car body/tank body, car fuel tank, gas tank, bus skin, C82 coal carrier, car top/bottom guard, etc.

3.5083 Medium Thickness Aluminum Plate/ Ultra Wide5083 Aluminum Sheet: Mold, LNG storage tank, flange material, GIS high-voltage switch housing, precision machining, etc. 

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