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5086 Aluminum Sheet

Last Updated: 2023-03-22

Prodsuct introdsuction

5086 aluminum sheet is also a typical anti-rust alloy, and the content of its main alloy component Mg directly affects its anti-corrosion performance. According to the comparison of these typical 5-series marine-grade aluminum sheets, it is not difficult to find that the Mg content of these sheets is ranked as 5083,5086,5052 aluminum sheets from high to low. Therefore, they are used differently in various ship types such as yachts, fishing boats, sand carriers, and various ship components. Besides, the 5086 alloy sheet with good weldability and moderate strength is widely used in the manufacture of fuel tank materials, coal trucks, pressure vessels, and transportation equipment, etc. It is also a high-quality raw material for oxidizing materials and checker sheets.

Applications and Features

1.Corrosion Resistance. 5086 aluminum sheet has the basic anti-corrosion ability to air, water (or saltwater), petrochemical, and other media. In addition, it has strong corrosion resistance in extremely strong industrial and marine atmospheric environments and deep water.

2.No Low-Temperature Brittleness. Even below 0℃, the strength and plasticity of 5086 aluminum sheet will not decrease with the temperature but will increase, and there is no low-temperature brittleness.

3.Surface Treatment. 5086 aluminum sheet has good surface anodizing treatment. In addition, after its surface being embossed, the pattern of the 5086 aluminum checker sheet is clear, smooth and bright.

Prodsuct Usages

5086 marine-grade aluminum sheet has been widely used in the manufacturing of ships' sides, bottom, and outboard, deck, etc.

In addition, the 5086 aluminum sheet is generally used for applications requiring high corrosion resistance, good weldability, and moderate strength. For example, the weldable parts of ships and automobiles, pressure vessels with the strictly fireproof requirements, refrigeration units, TV towers, loading and testing equipment, transportation equipment, etc.

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