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6082 Aluminum Sheet

Last Updated: 2023-01-02

Typical alloy:6082 Aluminum Sheet

Material temper: F, O, T4, T6, T651, H112

Thickness (mm):0.3-600

Width (mm):100-2600

Length (mm): Customize

Typical prodsuct: Mobile phones, Camera lenses, Industrial molds. Automotive aluminum, Marine aluminum, etc.

Prodsuct introdsuction

6082 aluminum sheet is a relatively good alloy aluminum sheet in the 6 series aluminum sheet (Al-Mg-Si). The 6 series is aluminum alloy with magnesium and silicon as the main alloying elements. , T6,

 and t651 temper. 6082 aluminum sheet is widely used in many fields from thin sheets to thick sheets. If it is an ultra-wide and thick 6082 aluminum sheet, it is more used in transportation fields such as automotive aluminum and marine aluminum manufacturing. 6082 aluminum sheet is a perfect lightweight material.

Applications and Features

6082 and 6061 aluminum sheet are both Al-Mg-Si aluminum alloy which can be strengthened by aging treatment, with good extrusion and forging properties and good anodizing properties. In addition, 6082 aluminum sheet also has the following characteristics:

1. Good formability, solderability, and traceability.

2. It has medium strength and good machinability.

3. Good usability and excellent interface characteristics.

4. Easy to process, good anode reaction performance, and easy coating.

5. Good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

Prodsuct Usages

Aviation fixtures, trucks, towers, ships, tubelines, and other construction applications where strength, weldability, and corrosion resistance are required. Such as aircraft parts, camera lenses, couplers, marine accessories and hardware, electronic accessories and connectors, decorative or various hardware, hinge heads, magnetic heads, brake pistons, hydraulic pistons, electrical accessories, valves, and valve parts.

With the rapid development of the shipbuilding industry at home and abroad, reducing the weight of the hull, increasing the speed of the ship, and seeking to replace aluminum alloy materials with steel parts, it has become an important issue facing the aluminum processing industry and the shipbuilding industry. 6082 aluminum sheet's high quality and lightweight make it an ideal material for high-speed ship components.

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