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7050 Aluminum Plate

Last Updated: 2023-04-11

1.The Description of the 7050 Aluminum Plate

The 7050 aluminum sheet is a top choice for use in aerospace applications, which requiresthe use of metals that have a great combination of resistance to SCC (stress corrosion cracking), strength and toughness. It is commonly used for sheet applications that are between three and six inches thick. Compared to 7075 grade alloys, the 7050 aluminum has a higher resistance to corrosion and better toughness. It is required to use 7050 alloys in thicker sections because it has less quench sensitivity compared to other aerospace aluminum alloys. This enables it to maintain its strength properties, resistance to stress corrosion cracking and levels of fracture toughness.

2.The Advantage of the 7050 Aluminum Plate

This metal doesn’t have a good cold workability, but can instead be machined. It has good anodizing response as well. It’s not recommended to use welding methods for joining, such as brazing, gas shielded arc welding orcoated metal arc welding.

3.The Applications of the 7050 Aluminum Plate

The applications that are commonly used for 7050 aluminum alloys include bulkheads and fuselage frames that require sections to be between two and six inches thick. Another common application is for wing skins. Majority of the applications that this metal is used for require a thickness over two inches, making this metal an excellent choice.

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