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7050 Aluminum Sheet

Last Updated: 2023-07-03

Typical alloy:7050 Aluminum Sheet

Material temper:F,O,T6,T651,T7451,H112

Thickness (mm):1.0-600

Length (mm):Customize

Typical prodsuct:Aircraft structural parts, Molds, Fixtures, etc.

Prodsuct introdsuction

7050 aluminum sheet is a high-strength heat-treatable alloy. It is based on 7075 aluminum alloy, which increases the Zn, Cu content and Cu / Mg ratio to increase the strength and replaces Cr with Zr to overcome the quenching sensitivity problem and inhibit recrystallization. 7050 aluminum sheet is an alloy that has been around for decades and is known for its ability to remain strong over time. Although other alloys are available which are stronger on a one-off comparison basis, they do not necessarily prove the longevity which the 7050 prodsucts can offer.

Chemical Composition

ZnTiZrOther eachOther totalAl.

Applications and Features

1. Compared with 7075 aluminum sheet, 7050 aluminum has higher corrosion resistance and better toughness.

2. Has lower quenching sensitivity. This allows it to maintain its strength properties, stress corrosion cracking resistance, and fracture toughness levels.

3. The cold workability of 7050 aluminum sheet is not good, but it can be processed.

4. 7050 aluminum sheet also has a good anodizing reaction.

5. Welding methods are not recommended, such as brazing, gas-shielded arc welding, or coated metal arc welding.

Prodsuct Usages

The 7050 aluminum sheet is primarily designed for the aerospace industry, but can also be used in other applications that require high strength aluminum.

Aircraft structural parts. Used for medium and heavy sheet extrusion, free forging, and die forging. Common applications for 7050 aluminum sheets include bulkheads and fuselage frames that require a cross-sectional thickness of between 2 and 6 inches. Another common application is for wing skin. Most applications of this metal are for thicknesses greater than 2 inches, which makes this metal an excellent choice.

It can also be applied to various molds, fixtures, mechanical equipment, and high-end aluminum alloy bicycle frames.

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