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7068 Aluminium Alloy

Last Updated: 2023-12-11

Prodsuct Introdsuction

An Aluminium Alloy with the Strength of Steel

7068 alloy provides the highest mechanical strength of all aluminium alloys and matching that of certain steels.

This outstanding alloy combines a yield strength of up to 700 MPa (up to over 30% greater than that of 7075 alloys) and good ductility with corrosion resistance similar to 7075 and other features beneficial to high-performance component/equipment designers. Developed in the mid-1990s, 7068 alloys was designed as a higher strength alternative to 7075 for ordnance applications.

Prodsuct Parameter

Chemical Composition (weight %)




Minimum Mechanical Properties (Extruded Bar)
TemperSection (in)UTS (MPa)YTS (MPa)Elongation (%)
T6 / T65110.250 - 3.0006836555
T6 / T65113.001 - 6.5006486215
T76 / T765110.250 - 3.0005935527

Typical Mechanical Properties

UTS (MPa)YTS (MPa)Elongation (%)Brinell Hardness

Extruded Bar T6511

L Direction7106839190
  LT Direction6456037-
Forging T6
L Direction62852410160

Typical Physical Properties
Density at 20°C2.85 kg/dm³
Melting Range476 - 635°C
Specific Thermal Capacity at 100°C1050 J.Kg¯¹ .K¯¹
Mean Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ( 20 - 100°C )23.4 10¯⁶ .K¯¹
Thermal Conductivity at 20°C190 W.m-1.K¯¹
Electrical Conductivity at 20°C T651131 % IACS
                                                  T7651139 % IACS
Young’s Modulus73.1 GPA

Prodsuct feature

The highly attractive overall combination of mechanical properties (retained at elevated temperatures better than 7075) and other important characteristics of 7068 have resulted in the widespread specification of the alloy to markedly reduce the weight/cross-section or significantly increase the strength of critical components in diverse market sectors.

An Aluminium Zinc Alloy

7068 alloy is a 7000 series aluminium-zinc alloy registered with the US Aluminium Association and prodsuced to AMS 4331 (chemical composition and mechanical properties) and AMS 2772 (heat treatment).

Prodsuct application

Typical Applications:

Connecting rodss, autosport gearbox actuators, automobile shock absorbers, fuel pumps for racing engines, rocker arms for racing engines, motorcycle gears, racing motorcycle chain tensioners, bearing caps in high-performance engines, autosport wheel components, prosthetic limbs, ordnance, load cells, hydraulic valve components, high-pressure solenoid, mountain climbing equipment, tent, ski and backpack rodss, survival rifles, flexible shaft coupling, snowmobile engine shaft, quick disconnects for fluid conveying devices.

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