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Aluminum Alloy 7068

Last Updated: 2023-10-07

1.Prodsuct Introdsuction of the Aluminum 7068 Alloy

Aluminium / aluminum is a light-weight metal with a bright silvery luster. This metal along with its alloys are in high demand worldwide.

Aluminium / aluminum 7068 alloy is a heat treatable wrought alloy with good fatigue strength, good anodizing response, and high thermal conductivity. It was designed as a higher strength alternative to aluminium/aluminum 7075 for ordnance applications. It also provides the highest mechanical strength of all aluminium / aluminum alloys. 

2.Prodsuct Parameter (specification) of the Aluminum 7068 Alloy

Chemical Composition 7068

3.Prodsuct feature of the Aluminum 7068 Alloy

Aluminum alloys have temper designations, indicating that the material has undergone a process to achieve certain properties of strength and hardness. Tensile strength, used to indicate the material's overall strength, is the peak stress it can withstand before it breaks. Corrosion resistance describes the material's ability to prevent deterioration caused by atmosphere, moisture, or other medium. Wear resistance indicates the ability to prevent surface damage caused by contact with other surfaces.Toughness describes the material's ability to absorb energy before breaking, while hardness (commonly measured as indentation hardness) describes its resistance to permanent surface deformation. Formability indicates how easily the material can be permanently shaped. Machinability describes how easily it can be cut, shaped, finished, or otherwise machined, while weldability characterizes the ability to be welded.

4.Prodsuct application of the Aluminum 7068 Alloy

Aluminium / aluminum 7068 alloy is chiefly used in the following areas:

Connecting rodss

Autosport gearbox actuators and wheel components

Prosthetic limbs

Load cells

Hydraulic valve components

High pressure solenoids

Flexible shaft coupling

Snowmobile engine shafts

Automobile shock absorbers

Fuel pumps for racing engines

Motorcycle gears

Recreational prodsucts such as tents, ski and backpack rodss, bicycles and mountain climbing equipment

Automotive valve body and connecting rods

5.Prodsuction details of the Aluminum 7068 Alloy

7068 aluminum sheet7068 aluminum bars7068 aluminum tube
6.Deliver,shipping and serving of the Aluminum 7068 Alloy

7.FAQ of the Aluminum 7068 Alloy

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