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7050 Aluminum Plate T651 Temper

Last Updated: 2023-11-17

Prodsuct information:

7050 Aluminium Alloy Plate T651 Temper for Aircraft Structural Parts

Aluminum alloys have high strength at subzero temperatures. However, their strength can be reduced at high temperatures.

Aluminium / Aluminum 7050 alloy is a heat treatable alloy. which has high toughness, strong mechanical strength, and good stress corrosion cracking resistance.

Chemical Composition

Prodsuct Features:

Forming:  can be formed in O temper or heat treated conditions.

Welding:  should not be welded in order to prevent cracking and development of porosity. The weld joint prodsuced will be weaker than the parent metal. Gas tungsten or gas metal arc welding methods are not preferred for welding this alloy.

Heat Treatment:  Aluminium / Aluminum 7050 alloy can be heat treated at 477°C (890°F). The time taken for this process is based upon the thickness of the section.

Cold Working: can be cold worked using conventional methods.

Aging:  is aged using two-stage heat treatment. It is heated at 122°C (250°F) for 3 to 6 h. It is again heated at 163°C (325°F) for 15 h followed by cooling in air.

Hardening:  Aluminium / Aluminum 7050 alloy can be hardened by precipitation heat treatment.

Applications:  Aluminium / Aluminum 7050 alloy is mainly used in manufacturing aircraft and other structures.

Prodsuct Application:

Aluminium alloy 7050 is an aerospace grade of aluminium combining high strength, stress corrosion cracking resistance and toughness. It is particularly suited for heavy sheet applications (3" to 6" thick) due to it's lower quench sensitivity and retention of strength in thicker sections. Aluminium 7050 therefore is the premium choice aerospace aluminium for applications such as fuselage frames, bulkheads and wing skins.

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