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1 mm Aluminum Sheet

Last Updated: 2023-03-10

introdsuction for 1 mm Thick Aluminum Sheet

We, a aluminum sheet manufacturer, provide our global consumers with a variety of sheet aluminum with different thicknesses, such as thick aluminum sheet, aluminum thin sheets, 1 mm/ 2 mm/ 3 mm thick aluminum panel etc. The most important is that you do not worry about 1 mm aluminium sheet price or other.

The prodsuct prodsuced is packed in a single independent wooden box to ensure that its original turntable is not damaged. The packing of a wooden box is about 12.8kg.


Pictures show

1. processing area

Our company's processing range is relatively wide, such as: LED flashlight, energy-saving lighting, stage laser lamp shell accessories, household appliances, automotive parts, plumbing accessories, dust sprinkler, various electronic and digital prodsucts shell, precision mold accessories, precision metal stamping, metal shaft parts and other high-precision vehicles. Dense metal car parts!

2. quality assurance

Our prodsucts must be fully inspected or sampled before shipment. Customers can also send someone to the factory to inspect or ask a third party to inspect them. We have advanced measurement and inspection.

3. transaction mode

First, the need for proofing: pre sample fee, do a sufficient number of goods after the return!

Two, direct order prodsuction: advance payment part of the deposit, the remaining money to the delivery or monthly knot!

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