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Corrosion Resistance 5052 Aluminium Alloy Plate

Last Updated: 2023-07-25

Corrosion Resistance 5052 Aluminium Alloy Plate

Prodsuct description:

5052 AL-Mg alloy features:

1. Good corrosion resistance and Anti-rust;

2. Good welding property;

3. Good cold working property;

4. Low strength;

5. Has good forming and processing performance;

6. Plasticity is good in semi-cold hardening;

7. Poor cutting performance;

8. Can be polished.

9. Cannot be strengthened by heat treatment;

10. Not machined well when annealed.

5052 AL-Mg alloy Application:

The 5052 is al-mg anti-rust aluminum alloy, which cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. The chemical composition of the alloy is similar to that of 5A02 alloy, and its properties are basically the same with that of 5A02 alloy. This alloy is used for parts requiring good formability and corrosion resistance, high fatigue limit, good weldability and medium static load, such as aircraft fuel and fuel ducts and oil tanks, as well as parts and components of various Marine and land transport equipment, cold stamping parts, sheet metal prodsucts, street lamp pillars; 

Typical Application:

1.Low pressure and rapid tooling;

2.Manufacturing device of semiconductor;

3.Industrial robot;

4.Vacuum chamber;

5.Mechanical equipment and accessories etc.


* Remarks: Specific requirement of alloy, temper or specification can be discussed at your request.

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