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7001 T6 Aluminum Tent Poles

Last Updated: 2023-03-31

7001 T6 Aluminum Tent Poles

Prodsuct Information:

The poles is a big second part of tent, the main material is aluminum 7001 T6 poles.

The main use of a pole is to prop up a tent,shelter the wind and rain.Therefore, poles need good toughness, high elasticity and not easy broken.The number of poles is also very important.Generally , the more poles the more stable,against the wind and snow collapsed the higher performance.So, the general tent will choose to use 5 or more poles to support.

Aluminum tent poles prodsuct features as follows:

1.Our poles of tent use aluminum 7001 T6 has good toughness,high elasticity and not easy broken..

2.Poles weight very light,easy to carry.So, the use of aluminum poles tent is more suitable for backpacks, mountaineering and other travel.

3.Many years prodsuction experience,quality assurance.We have a special QC to check every process.

4.Delivery fast,we promise timely delivery, guaranteed quality and good after-sales service to customers.

There are many tent poles factorys, Why choose our tent poles?Our relationship is not just about customers and suppliers,we are friends.And we're not just selling prodsucts to you,we offer is excellent quality and good service.Our tenet is: client foremost, credit first, quality first.Help you to strengthen your brand.

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