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6061 Aluminum Alloy Pipe

Last Updated: 2023-05-01

Prodsuct Introdsuction

Grade 6061 aluminium is a medium-strength aluminium alloy that is predominantly prodsuced for the American market. Grade 6082 is the nearest equivalent grade that is readily available in the UK. In fact, differences between grade 6061 and 6082 are very slight indeed – they have over 99% of their composition in common, and therefore in the vast majority of cases grades 6061T6 & 6082 T6 are fully interchangeable.

Aluminium grade 6082 is slightly harder than in 6061, but grade 6082 is also slightly more brittle.

Corrosion Resistance

6061T6 aluminium has good corrosion resistance. It is suitable for outdoor applications, and it will not rust.  It is, however, worth noting that for applications where salt water is present, that the 5XXX series grades (such as 5754, 5083 & 5251) perform better.


6061 T6 aluminium is good for welding, brazing & soldering.


6061T6 is a very good grade of aluminium for machining.  It is also good for milling, turning, drilling & tapping. 

Anodising / Polishing / Powder Coating

Grade 6061T6 Aluminium is suitable for protective anodising, hard anodising and colour anodising. 6061T6 is unsuitable for clear anodising.

Grade 6061T6 is suitable for polishing.

Grade 6061T6 aluminium is suitable for powder coating.

Chemical Composition of Grade 6061

Chemical Element %


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