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Casting Aluminum Tube

Last Updated: 2022-12-27

Common casting process of 7075 seamless aluminum tubes

The melting process of 7075 seamless aluminum tube mainly includes melting, purification, impurity, gas removal, slag removal and casting process. The main process is:

(1) ingredients: according to the specific number of prodsuction required, the amount of addition of various alloy components was calculated, and various raw materials were reasonably matched.

(2) smelting: the prepared raw materials shall be added into the melting furnace to be melted according to the technological requirements, and the stray slag and gas in the melt can be effectively removed by means of degassing and slag refining.

(3) casting: molten aluminum liquid can be cooled and cast into round rodss of various specifications through deep well casting system under certain casting conditions.

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Seamless aluminum tube prodsuct display

Parameters of 7075 seamless aluminum tubes

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