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Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy Pipe

Last Updated: 2023-02-13

Prodsuct Introdsuct

Aluminum alloy tube with aviation grade can have one or more closed hole, wall thickness, cross section uniform, in line shape or roll shape delivery.

Performance: corrosion resistant and light weight.

Chemical treatment: oxidation, electrophoresis coating, fluorocarbon spraying, powder spraying, wood grain transfer.

Mechanical processing: mechanical drawing, mechanical polishing, sandblasting.

Prodsuct Parameter

Material GradeTensile StrengthYield StrengthElongation



Prodsuct Features

Hard aluminum as a kind of high strength, heat treatment can be improved, after annealing, quenching and thermal plasticity under medium, spot welding good weldability, with gas welding and argon arc welding aluminium tubes have a tendency to form intergranular crack;The cutting performance of the aluminum tube after hardening and hardening is good and bad in annealing.The corrosion resistance is not high, and the anodic oxidation treatment and coating method or surface are used to improve the corrosion resistance.It can also be used as a mold material.

Prodsuct Application

It is widely used in automobile, ship, aerospace, aviation, electric appliance, agriculture, electromechanical, household and other industries.

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