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5A06 Aluminum Forging Ring

Last Updated: 2023-07-22

5A06 aluminum forging ring

Depending on the size, seamless rings can also be prodsuced by simple piercing of a forging, either open die or with the outside diameter contained in a tool. Other manufacturing methods such as mandrel rolling under a hammer or press or drawing the material over a mandrel bars. We uses all of these methods to prodsuce seamless forged rings of the highest quality and integrity.

Matiral:aluminum alloy 5083

Surface treament:powder coating, aluminum oxide

Application:new energy vehicles, aerospace, automation equipment,  etc.

Information to inquiry:

1.Type of material and hardness needed.

2.Quantity of the prodsuct.

3.Part application.

4.The tolerances of the prodsuct.

5.Drawings, samples or pictures with details.

6.Target price if you have one.

Packaging As per customer's request

Technology Documents: 2D Drawing or 3D Drawing

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