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Large Diameter Forged Aluminum Rolling Ring Aluminium Forging Ring

Last Updated: 2023-11-18

Signi Aluminum(Kunshan) Co., Ltd. is one of the leading Auto Aluminium forgings manufacturers and suppliers in China, providing customized service and free sample. Welcome to check price with our factory.

Rolled ring forging is a special forging process that is typically performed by heating, then punching a hole in a thick, round piece of metal to create a donut shape, and then reheating, and rolling and squeezing, stretching the donut into a thin ring. Ring diameters can be anywhere from a few inches to about 30 feet. High tangential strength and ductility make forged rings well-suited for torque- and pressure-resistant components, such as gears, engine bearings for aircraft, wheel bearings, couplings, rotor spacers, sealed discs and cases, flanges, pressure vessels and valve bodies.

Signi Aluminium (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. is a company that professionally design and prodsuce Aluminum alloy forged prodsucts. The company is capable to research, develop, and prodsuce high technology content, high value-added aluminum alloy forgings. It provides all-round prodsuction services from the design and development of mold to the forming and post-processing of forged prodsucts and surface treatment. The prodsucts cover aviation, shipbuilding, petrochemical, rail transportation, energy, marine, and other industries that require high-end forgings. Aluminum forged parts are mainly used in aerospace, automotive industry, and many other fields of engineering especially in those fields, where the highest safety standards against failure by abuse, by shock, or vibratory stresses are needed. It is exported to Europe,America and Southeast Asia.

We are professional Aluminum Forging/Forged Rings factory from China, if you need forgings, please contact us.

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