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5083 aluminum sheet for heavy truck gas storage cylinder

Last Updated: 2023-07-08

5083 aluminum sheet can be used for processing heavy truck gas storage cylinder. As we all know, the gas storage cylinder is the gas storage device in the automobile brake system, which is used to store the compressed air from the air compressor, and is used for automobile brake, whistle and other systems.

The air cylinder comprises a cylinder body and two covers, wherein the water outlet joint is arranged on the cylinder body, and tube joint is arranged on each of the two covers.The existing automobile gas storage cylinders include aluminum magnesium alloy gas storage cylinder and iron storage cylinder. The surface of Al-Mg alloy material has film covering, which has good cleanliness and a dense Al2O3 protective film formed naturally, which can protect from corrosion, prolong the service life, and do not need paint. It has light weight to reduce body weight. In view of the above advantages, most of the existing technologies use aluminum magnesium alloy storage tanks.

5083 aluminum alloy is the most common used alloy in Al-Mg 5000 series aluminum alloy.The aluminum alloy of the gas storage cylinder is 5083 O aluminum, with a thickness of 2.9mm. There is no scratch and spotless oil on the surface of the 5083 aluminium sheet. The most important thing is that it is not fractured after stretching. 5083 gas storage cylinder with the highest tensile ratio of aluminum alloy, the overall performance of the 5083 aluminum alloy is more stable.

If you need long-term procurement, the capacity and enterprise scale, industry reputation, and prodsuct price ratio should be considered.

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