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6061 aluminum sheet for automotive parts industry

Last Updated: 2018-07-09

6061 aluminum sheet for automotive parts industry.Now more and more aluminum prodsucts are widely used in automotive parts. such as 6061 aluminum sheet for automotive parts industry.Why does it?Serious air pollution today, energy-saving emission reduction is the current car manufacturers to break the theme of automobile parts with aluminum can greatly reduce the weight of the car, reducing fuel consumption has become the major auto manufacturers to raise the key.

Aluminum alloys has a good oxidation resistance, forming a dense oxide film on the surface of aluminum, and good to prevent the chemical reaction with the outside material, has a good corrosion resistance. The use of 5052 aluminum sheet and 6061 aluminum sheet in the automobile fuel tank material solves the corrosion problem left by the previous iron well.And the use of 6061 aluminium stair tread sheet sheet on the pedals of automobiles.

6000 series aluminum sheet sheet is a hot rolled aluminum sheet. After quenching process, the prodsuct has good stability and is not easy to deform, so it is a good choice for automobile pedals. In addition, 3104 hot/cold rolled aluminium sheet is widely used in auto parts, auto parts with aluminum is greatly improved, and the body weight greatly reduced but also saves fuel consumption, reduce the pollution of the environment, auto parts with aluminum until the national policy and the high degree of recognition of car users, but also in saving a greater degree of protection the environment.


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