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Aluminium sheet marine grade 5083 series

Last Updated: 2023-02-06

The aluminium sheet marine grade 5083 belongs to the 5000 series aluminum magnesium alloy, it has the light weight, the good plasticity, the corrosion resistance and the processing ability, and the good comprehensive performance. 5083 aluminum sheet alloy is mainly used in the processing of prodsucts such as molds, ship sheets, decks and fuel storage tanks.

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of scientific research, its performance is becoming more and more excellent, and the market demand is increasing day by day.In the prodsuction of 5083 aluminum alloy, magnesium has a certain solid solution, is the main strengthening element.

Its prodsuction processes are: ingredients-smelting-casting-homogenization-sawing-milling-heating-hot rolling-annealing-pre-stretching-sawing finished prodsuct size-acceptance. Hot rolling cracking is one of the common problems in marine grade aluminium sheet 5083 alloy prodsuction before 2000.

Since then, with the accumulation of experience, most enterprises have adopted the methods of controlling the content of trace sodium, improving the homogenization process, selecting the best rolling temperature and hot rolling process parameters, etc. to effectively improve the cracking of hot rolling.

which reduces the prodsuction cost and increases the quality competitiveness.Due to the corrosion resistance of aluminium sheet marine grade 5083 aluminum alloy, it has been widely used in the shipbuilding market. But as a special purpose, the qualified marine grade aluminium sheet must be certified by CCS classification society and DNV Norwegian classification society certification.

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