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Application of aluminum sheet in the automotive industry

Last Updated: 2019-08-21

In an urgent situation where the world is increasingly paying attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, the automobile industry has become an important direction for major automobile companies to improve their competitiveness by reducing their own weight to reduce energy consumption, reduce exhaust emissions, and improve vehicle power.

As a representative material of automobile lightweight, aluminum has become a key raw material for reducing the weight of the car body for the development of the current automobile industry.

The formability and prodsuction performance of aluminum sheets are very similar to those of steel sheets. Therefore, the use of aluminum alloys instead of steel materials is one of the main weight reduction methods adopted by automobile manufacturers in various countries.

Since aluminum alloy entered the automotive industry, it has developed rapidly, and its application fields have gradually expanded, from the early radiators and wheels to the cylinder block, engine hood, body and other parts, and then to the current aluminum alloy body and chassis suspension and other parts.

Aluminum sheets for automobiles have the advantages of light weight, high strength, good tensile properties, and corrosion resistance. They are good materials for automobile manufacturing and parts processing.

With the rapid development of the domestic industrial chain, China is expected to become a huge global automotive aluminum market in the next five years. Take the Mercedes-Benz C-Class as an example. At present, the domestic Mercedes-Benz C-series is made of steel bodies, while in Europe, a high proportion of aluminum bodies are used. In a few years, China will use the same aluminum body as the European market.

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