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Application range of curtain wall aluminum sheet

Last Updated: 2021-12-02

Curtain wall aluminum sheet has unique texture, rich color, long lasting, and the appearance shape can be diversified, and can be perfectly combined with glass curtain wall material, stone curtain wall material.What role does curtain wall aluminium board have?Curtain wall aluminum board applicable scope?

The treatment technology of curtain wall aluminum sheet can be divided into two methods, one is anodic oxidation, the other is electrostatic spraying.Anodized oxidation film is generally more than 12 mu, the color is only bronze and white two kinds, color is monotonous, more serious shortcomings is the color depth of each aluminum board is not the same, many pieces of wall panels together to form a curtain wall overall effect is very ugly.This drawback cannot eliminate, so to speak, is not caused by the prodsuction technology, but due to the aluminum sheet is not by a group of number, chemical composition, have a little difference, plus the oxidation liquid electrolytic cell factors such as current density are not exactly the same, so after oxidation how many have the difference, the color of the sheet may not be obvious, if the row together that is very obvious.Therefore, the surface treatment of aluminum curtain wall can never be anodized.

Another method of surface treatment of curtain wall aluminum sheet is electrostatic spraying.Spray is divided into powder spray and liquid spray.Powder spray materials are mainly: polyurethane, swelling resin, epoxy resin and other raw materials with high color retention pigment, can get dozens of different colors of powder spray.The spray powder, anti-collision and anti-friction, under the impact of 50 kg, aluminum sheet deformation, spray layer no crack, no drop layer intact, anti-dilute acid and mortar.The only drawback is afraid of long-term ultraviolet radiation, a few years after the easy generation of Yin and Yang surface color differences.The spray powder foam that domestic many manufacturer prodsuce, weight difference is very big, some powdery foam contains gold dust this kind of powdery foam after hanging to metope, change along with sunshine Angle, day day and dusk have change, metope color depth has difference, choose powdery foam gush coating to cause attention.

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