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Details on decorative materials–aluminum veneer

Last Updated: 2019-01-21

Today we will learn about aluminum veneer.
In fact, this aluminum veneer refers to a single aluminum sheet that is processed by cutting-engraving-stamping-welding-grinding and other processes. The fluorocarbon spraying technology is used to form a building decoration material. This material is widely used in various buildings. Internal and external walls, airports, stations, hotels, offices, hospitals and other public spaces, as well as high-priced corridors, pedestrian bridges, and pillar advertising signs.

Indoor special-shaped ceilings and decorative parts of walls, the reason why this material is more popular now, its advantages are more obvious:

  • it is lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to process color variety
  • Can be welded into different shapes
  • The service life is also longer
  • Recyclable building decoration materials
  • Superior environmental performance
  • Even with this material, the texture of the food granite can be imitated
  • The use of this material not only reduces the weight of the building, but also preserves the value of the material

The common specification of aluminum veneer is 1 meter 22 times 2 meters 44, and its common thickness is 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0mm. Generally, aluminum sheets less than 1.2mm are called aluminum gussets. Of course, they can also be designed according to the design. Requires prodsuction, the largest workpiece size is 8000*1800mm, and the thickness can also be processed to about 5mm.

Aluminum veneer mainly has the following characteristics

1 Light weight, good rigidity and high strength

The 3.0-thick aluminum sheet weighs 8 kg per square sheet, and the tensile strength can reach 100-280 N per square millimeter.

2 Good durability and corrosion resistance

Fluorocarbon paint based on kyuar-500 is used for 25 years without fading.

3. Good processing performance

Using the process of first processing and then spraying, the aluminum sheet can be processed into various complex shapes such as plane, arc and spherical.

4Using advanced electrostatic spraying technology

Make the adhesion between the paint and the board uniform, the colors are diverse, and the selection space is large.

5 Non-adhesive due to spray coating

It is difficult to attach pollutants to the surface, and it has good self-cleaning properties.

6 Easy and fast installation and construction

The aluminum sheet is formed by processing in the factory, and there is no need for cutting and joining at the construction site. As long as the processed aluminum veneer is fixed on the wheel frame on the spot, the working surface has been completed.

Aluminum sheet can be 100% recyclable, which is different from glass, stone, ceramics, aluminum-plastic panels and other decorative materials, and has a high residual value.

In fact, the material of aluminum veneer appeared relatively early and has a history of several decades. At present, the aluminum sheets used in the market include aluminum veneer, aluminum-plastic composite panel and aluminum honeycomb panel. Among these three materials, aluminum veneer and aluminum-plastic panel are the most commonly used.

Some friends still have some vague concepts about the two materials of aluminum nitrogen sheet and aluminum composite panel. In fact, the aluminum composite panel structure generally adopts three layers of 3-4mm thickness, the upper and lower layers of the structure are 5 microns, and the middle pvc or pe material is added to the aluminum layer.

It can be seen from the material that the cost of the aluminum-plastic composite panel is definitely much lower than that of the aluminum veneer. The cost of the 4mm-thick aluminum veneer on the market is lower than that of the 2.5-thick aluminum veneer, 120 For a project of more than 10,000 square meters, the cost of using aluminum composite panel is 1.2 million yuan lower than that of using aluminum veneer. Aluminum veneer has excellent mechanical properties and wind pressure resistance. The structure of aluminum veneer is mainly composed of board surface, reinforcing ribs and wildebeest yards.

So how to judge the quality of aluminum veneer?

1. Observe the flatness of the aluminum veneer: In general, the naked eye can judge whether the surface of the aluminum veneer is flat, and then carefully observe whether the bending place is tightly combined. Usually professional aluminum veneer manufacturers, in the prodsuction process. , From material selection to processing, there is a complete set of strict systems and processes
At the same time, the prodsuction and processing equipment and the basic level of the prodsuction staff will also have a certain impact on the flatness of the aluminum veneer. Generally, the height of the aluminum veneer is about 2 cm after being shielded by the CNC machine tool. Hold at 90 degrees.
2. Observe the layer on the surface of the aluminum veneer: At present, professional aluminum veneer manufacturers use high-standard fluorocarbon paint as the spraying material. A good paint can make the paint surface more glossy and more corrosion-resistant. Of course, in addition to In addition to good coatings, advanced spraying equipment is also required. Nowadays, large-scale aluminum veneer manufacturers generally use automated electrostatic spraying lines. Good equipment can better ensure the uniformity and density of the paint surface. Veneer manufacturers will be in the dust-free workshop to carry out spraying operations to ensure that no dust is involved, to ensure that the surface of the finished prodsuct is smooth and there is no color difference, and the hand feel is smoother.

3. Observe the thickness of aluminum veneer: There are many kinds of aluminum veneer thickness, and they have different uses. Generally, the thicker one is suitable for outdoor use, and the smaller thickness is suitable for indoor use, but whether it is used indoors, It is still used outdoors. The thickness of the standard aluminum veneer is uniform and will not appear on the same prodsuct. The thickness is different. For some fake aluminum veneer, its wall thickness is thicker on both sides, and the middle is relatively thick. Relatively thin, the gap between the prodsuct at the joint will be relatively large.
4 Check the compression resistance of the aluminum veneer: For the sample of the aluminum veneer, you can press the middle part of the aluminum veneer to observe whether the aluminum veneer will be deformed. Generally, the high-quality aluminum veneer prodsucts have high strength and are resistant to The compressive performance is also very good, which can meet the standard range of national decorative building materials, but there are some quality, not very good aluminum veneer prodsucts, the compressive performance is not so good, and it can be deformed by pressing hard. On the exterior wall decoration, it is difficult to withstand the pressure of external force, and it is easy to deform or even fall off after a long time, which is very unsafe.

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