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Do you know 7005 aluminum alloy?

Last Updated: 2022-11-24

7005 aluminum alloy is used bicycle frames, due to its relative ease of welding it does not require expensive heat treating – it is however harder to form making manufacture more challenging. It has an Ultimate Tensile Strength of 350MPa, a Fatigue Strength of 150MPa and a density of 2.78g/cm³ compared to a Ultimate Tensile Strength of 310MPa and Fatigue Strength of 96.5 MPa and a density of 2.70g/cm³ for 6061 aluminium alloy. It does not need to be precipitation hardened, unlike 6061, but can be cooled in air. Specific forms of AL 7005 include: 7005-O 7005-T5 7005-T53 7005-T6

7005 aluminum sheet, is often used for manufacturing welded structures which not only have high strength but also high fracture toughness such as truss, rods/bars and the container in transportation vehicles; large-sized heat exchangers, some parts which cannot been performed solid fusion processing after welding; and also manufacturing of sports equipment for tennis rackets and baseball bats.

7005 aluminum sheet sheet belongs to the Al-Zn-Mg-Cu super hard aluminum, good welding performance, heat treatment can be strengthened, the strength is less than 6061, but it is lighter as a typical lightweight aluminum. 7005 Aluminum Alloy sheet sheet often used in making welded structure have both high strength and high fracture toughness, such as transport vehicles, truss rods, container; large heat exchanger, and after welding can not be solid melt processing components; also can be used in the manufacture of sports equipment such as tennis racket and baseball bat.


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